Baltimore Soup Co has been serving local businesses, manufactures, institutions, hospitals and doctor offices with lunch time and event catering for over 2 years.  Our homemade soups, handcrafted sandwiches and fresh delicious salads have been office favorites .

OUR RESPONSE TO COVID BRINGS SAFE SECURE TAMPERPROOF MEALS TO YOU AND YOUR STAFF –  Covid has changed the way business expect their food to be prepared and BSC is leading the way in meeting those needs.  Our facility is now closed to the public.  We are a catering facility only.  We have invested over $30,000 to bring our facility up to the highest standards including new non porous flooring, additional sanitary stations, increased and spaced out prep areas and both sanitary and health procedures that are strictly adhered to by all employees.

Our menu has changed too. We have added individually boxed meals (IBMs).  Our IBMs are complete meals including drinks.  IBMs help prevent groups gathering around open food in the office reducing the risk of spread of Covid.  Best of all they are delicious!

Nothing completes a business meeting or office party more than Hot Homemade Soup delicious Handcrafted Paninis and Wraps, and Large Delicious Salads!
We will deliver or you can pick up.

2 Family Style Buffet Catering Options


$10.99 pp (minimum 12)

(serving size: 12oz soup per guest & 1/2 sandwich
w/ fresh ciabatta soup bread)



$14.99 pp (minimum 12)

(serving size: 12oz soup per guest & whole sandwich
w/ fresh ciabatta soup bread)

catering pic 2

Pick up to two soups or let our chefs choose!

  • Broccoli Cheddar
  • tomato Feta Bisque
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Chicken Corm Chowder
  • Hearty Veggie
  • Maryland Crab
(Seafood Soup add $0.50 pp)

Pick up to four sandwiches

Our sandwiches are made fresh daily!


Pick up to four
let us choose
All sandwiches
come cut in half, wrapped and
labeled with the sandwich name
for ease of service.

Turkey BLT
Turkey breast, smoked bacon, leaf lettuce, tomatoes and pomegranate mayonnaise on toasted organic grain bread.
Reuben Panini
Top round corned beef, old fashion sauerkraut and thousand island spread warmed perfectly on a marbled rye bread.
Chicken Salad
Powerhouse Wrap

Chicken salad, Swiss cheese, baby spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers in a whole wheat wrap.
Rachel Panini
Roast turkey breast, homemade coleslaw, swiss cheese, and 1000 island spread.  Warmed perfectly on fresh marble rye
Three Cheese Veggie Panini
Fresh mozzarella, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, tomatoes, red onions and basil pesto on a fresh sourdough bread.
Grilled Cheese Bacon & Tomato Panini
American Cheese, smoked bacon and tomato perfectly melted on fresh sourdough bread.
Chicken Pesto Panini
Grilled chicken breast, baby spinach, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, red onions and basil pesto on fresh sourdough bread.
Ham & Cheese Panini
Black forest ham and American cheese topped with mustard and perfectly melted on fresh sourdough bread.
Farmhouse Vegetarian
Baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and basil pesto on a whole wheat wrap.
Roasted Beef Panini
5oz shaved roast beef, swiss cheese, onions and tangy tiger sauce, served on fresh sourdough bread.
Turkey Tuscan Panini
Turkey breast, baby spinach, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, red onions and basil pesto on rustic Ciabatta loaf.
Egg Salad Wrap
House recipe egg salad with field greens and diced tomatoes in a whole wheat wrap
Big Kahuna Tuna Wrap
Our own tuna salad, Sriracha cheddar cheese, cucumbers, field greens and tomatoes  in a whole wheat wrap.
Turkey Bacon Wrap
Turkey breast, brown sugar bacon, imported Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard in a whole wheat wrap.

ADD A SALAD                                  
bowl serves 10-15 guests

Cobb Salad                                     $35.00

Fuji Apple Salad                            $35.00

Sante fe BBQ Salad                       $35.00

Mediterranean Market Salad     $35.00

ADD CHICKEN to any salad             $10.00

ADD to complete your meal


Potato Chips                                  $1.00 pp

Coleslaw                                         $8.99 quart

Macaroni Salad                             $8.99 quart

Potato Salad                                  $9.99 quart

Extra Soup Bread (10pcs)           $7.00
(fresh Rustic Ciabatta)


Cookies & brownies                      $2.50 pp


Coke, diet coke, water                  $2.00 each can

Gallon Sweet Tea                          $12.99

Gallon Un-sweet Tea                   $12.99

Gallon Lemonade                         $12.99


Plate, napkin & utensils              $ 9.99
(5 places settings per order)

Soup Bowls (5 extra)                   $ 3.75

Cups (5 extra)                               $ 4.99

Ice w/ Cooler                                 $ 1.00 pp
(minimum 12 pp)


Turkey BLT                                        $8.48

Turkey Bacon Wrap                          $8.59

Chicken Salad Powerhouse Wrap  $7.99

Chicken Avocado Cobb                    $8.59

Farmhouse Vegetarian                    $7.59

Turkey Tuscan Panini                      $8.69

Chicken Pesto Panini                       $8.69

Reuben Panini                                   $7.99

Rachel Panini                                    $7.99

Roast Beef Panini                             $8.69

Ham & Cheese Panini                      $5.99

Grilled Cheese W/Bacon &             $6.99
Tomato Panini

Egg Salad Wrap                                $4.99

*each sandwich comes cut in half wrapped and labeled.
**For sandwich description see #2 above


CALL: 443.275.2325



A La Carte

Homemade Soups

Our signature soups are the perfect companion to your event! Our soups come piping hot. Pick up to two soup varieties for either the ½ gallon or 1 gallon options.

½ Gallon (2 quarts, serves 8 cups or 5 bowls) $30 (add $4 for each seafood soup)

1 gallon (4 quarts, serves 16 cups or 10 bowls ) $60 (add $8 for each seafood soup)

How to determine how much soup will feed your guests:
8oz serving is a cup and 12oz serving is a bowl.  We recommend you order based on one bowl per guest.  if you have 10 guests you would order 1 gallon of soup.

We will try to accommodate your low-fat, vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free requests. We will always accommodate your delicious and hearty requests!

Signature Sandwich Platters

catering pic 4

All of our delicious sandwiches are made to order using only the freshest and finest ingredients available! Choose from Turkey BLT, Chicken Salad Powerhouse Wrap, Three Cheese Veggie, Chicken Pesto, Farmhouse Vegetarian, Turkey Tuscan, Big Kahuna Tuna Wrap or Turkey Bacon Wrap.

Big Green Salad Bowls

From our unique creations to one of your personal favorites, our salads are made fresh and flavorful each and every morning! Choose from our Kale Power Caesar Salad, Cobb Salad, Sante Fe BBQ Salad, Napa Valley Salad, Mediterranean Market Salad, Fuji Apple Salad or American Classic Salad.

Each Big Green Salad comes in an attractive disposable bowl. Serves 10 – 15 guests. $35   With chicken $45

Important Information - Please Read!

Up to two soups are provided with any catering order. Because of our small batch production (which means your soups are always fresh made), these soups are typically from our Soups of the Day options on the day of your catering. If you do have a special soup request, we will try to accommodate you. But please understand if we can’t. Remember, our soups don’t come out of a can or plastic bag!

All soups are at the proper serving temperature at your requested time of pickup or when leaving our store for delivery. During travel time to your event or if your scheduled start time is delayed, soups may need to be lightly reheated prior to serving. For ease of heating, all soups come in microwave safe containers.

All catering is served in recycled and disposable containers. We do not provide chafing dishes or other warmers for soups. Please see our picture examples of catering packaging.

The standard serving size for soups is 8 ounces per person for individually packaged meals and 12oz per person for traditional family style buffet catering. If you require a larger serving per person there are additional charges. Please let us know.

When ordering please schedule your order leaving at least 8 hrs lead time. Again we make soups daily and this may require us to prepare another batch. If your time window is shorter please call 443.286.4855 to see if we can accommodate your request.

Delivery, we deliver to Baltimore county, Baltimore City, parts of Harford, Howard, and Anne Arundel counties. Minimum order amounts do apply and delivery fees vary per distance.  See online ordering for more info.

Individualy boxed meals come with all utencils.  Traditional family style buffet catering include cups, plates, utensils and napkins. Setup included at no extra charge.

Catering delivery and pick up hours:
8am - 7pm Monday - Friday
8am - 3pm Saturday
Pick up location 3 W Chesapeake Ave Towson, MD

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